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Current corrections to the 2017 book. Last updated 10/29/17.

There are a few corrections to WhiteBlaze Pages. Please check the website for more information

https://www.whiteblazepages.com/updates. Current corrections to the 2017 book. Last updated 04/02/17.

Page 19 Double Spring Gap Shelter, previous/next shelter missing 1.7<0>6.1

Page 20 Mt. Collins Shelter, previous/next shelter missing 6.1<0>7.3

Page 21 Icewater Spring Shelter, previous/next shelter missing 7.3<0>7.3

Page 23 Groundhog Creek Shelter, previous/next shelter missing 10.5<0>8.3

Page 40 Abingdon Gap Shelter, previous/next shelter missing 8.3<0>19.7

Page 49 Remove Lickskillet Hostel from its wrong location under mile 590.1. www.whiteblazepages.com/updates/page-49 correction.pdf.

Page 50 Insert Lickskillet Hostel in the correct location under mile 603.2. www.whiteblazepages.com/updates/page-50 correction.pdf.

Page 52 Wrong miles listed between NoBo miles 633.4 and 634.4. The miles listed at 608.5 should be 633.8. The SoBo mile for this should be 1556.0.

Page 91 - Wrong mileage. NoBo mile 1065.6 should read 1064.7. SoBo mile 1124.2 should read 1125.1.

Page 111 Stokes Steakhouse is now Closed.

Page 115 St. Thomas Episcopal Church Hostel (CLOSED).

Page 130 Correction to location reference on NOBO mile 1483.2. Bearded Woods should have been referred to mile 1490.5 instead of 1489.9 www.whiteblazepages.com/updates/page-130 correction.pdf.

Page 145 mile 1613.8 Hell Hollow Brook Bridge, now a rock hop

Page 147 Cilantro Restaurant no longer 0.5 E of trailhead, now located in town

Page 149 Silas Griffith Inn Closed

Page 150 Mom's Country Kitchen Closed

Page 151 Qu's Whistle Stop Restaurant Closed

Page 152 Churchill Scott Shelter - There is NO overnight fee.